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Yana for pet and planet - a Vadigran brand.

A family business based on determination, strong leadership, innovative ideas and a motivated team.

Since 1955, Vadigran has been a family business making and supplying high-quality products for pets. The company originally started with the production of grain mixes for birds and small animals, but expanded its activities later on to selling accessories and a range of food for dogs, cats, small animals and birds.

1955 the beginning of beautiful story

2015 extra storage capacity of 6.000 m²

2021 a sustainable future

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People who love animals
love nature!

Vadigran thinks of the needs of both pet and owner. And our planet recently took its place in this list, too.

With our mission of ‘creating a more sustainable pet-lifestyle’, Vadigran aspires for us to give back to the Earth through the way we care for an animal. Because people who love animals also love nature.

‘We believe that any company that disregards our planet has no future. We can no longer keep closing our eyes.’ 

- Wanda Gordts, head of Marketing & Product Development at Vadigran

Internal motivation is
becoming sustainable action

Vadigran wants to generate sustainable impact and trigger a revolution in the pet industry. That is why we strive for complete transparency on the environmental footprint of all our products.


With large clients including supermarkets and specialist pet shops, Vadigran knows it can make a substantial impact. Sustainable development is a learning process that Vadigran is only too eager to pursue. This is why we launched a new sustainability project. And it’s far from over!


The aim: in 10 years’ time, the entire Vadigran range should be carbon negative. This means all of the products will be replaced with sustainable alternatives. The focus is currently on the learning process, chiefly on measuring. Because you first need to know how large your environmental footprint is before you can implement a continuous improvement process. Vadigran therefore decided to first calculate the environmental impact of 9 of our own Yana grain products for birds (5 products) and rodents (4 products). After that, it will be the turn of the rest of the range.

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