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For hamsters

This varied and well-balanced nutrition is specially formulated for hamsters. The Yana mixture for hamsters is a tasty menu enriched with delicious chunks and peanuts. This menu contains the premium quality protein that your pet needs. 
Weight: 800g

Composition: Sunflower seeds, wheat, hamster granules, peeled oats, extruded pieces of corn (10,5%), corn flakes, Milo corn, shelled peanuts (3%), buckwheat, carob, pea flakes, puffed wheat.

For guinea pigs

This varied and well-balanced nutrition is specially formulated for guinea pigs. The pressed pellets contain sufficient vitamin C, which is absolutely necessary for guinea pigs. The Yana Guinea Pig mixture is a tasty menu enriched with freshly harvested alfalfa, which is rich in protein and fiber. 
Weight: 500g

Composition: guinea pig pellets Vitamin C, puffed wheat, popcorn, alfalfa pellets, extruded pieces of corn (8%), alfalfa (3%), carrot flakes, striped sunflower seeds, shelled peanuts.

For small animals & rabbits

This varied and well-balanced nutrition is specially formulated for all rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs and chinchillas) and rabbits.
Weight: 1.5kg

Composition: corn, wheat, corn flakes, wheat pulp, carob, pea flakes, sorghum, sunflower seed, oats, alfalfa, wheat bran grains, beet pulp, beet molasses, linseed expeller, rapeseed expeller, malt germs, palm kernel expeller, peas, beetroot, sunflower oil, calcium carbonate, soya oil, salt, turmeric, monocalcium phosphate.
Our promise : We guarantee a 110% CO² offset by investing in local projects that stimulate biodiversity and capture CO² from the atmosphere.
100% recyclable packaging in PP (polypropylene) that is multifunctional after recycling. You can find this material in flower pots, garden furniture, crisp packets, car parts, speakers and more.
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