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Verpakking kattenbakvulling Yana wheat, tarwe.

For cats

Yana wheat cat litter litter is a 100% natural and clumping cat litter consisting of a special blend of plant fibres (chaff of wheat). A unique formula that is extremely effective against unpleasant odours and also comes with fast clumping properties. It features a natural scent (no additives) and a fine structure so your cat will experience it as his natural habitat.
Thanks to its clumping properties and very light weight, this cat litter is very economical! Minimal consumption as a result of the clumping properties and minimal or no disposal costs.
CO2 waarde, impact van de yana wheat, tarwe kattenbakvulling
Our promise : We guarantee a 110% CO² offset by investing in local projects that stimulate biodiversity and capture CO² from the atmosphere.
100% recyclable packaging in PP (polypropylene) that is multifunctional after recycling. You can find this material in flower pots, garden furniture, crisp packets, car parts, speakers and more.
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