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For rabbits

This varied and well-balanced nutrition is specially formulated for rabbits. The Yana rabbit mixture is a complete menu, enriched with freshly harvested alfalfa, which is rich in protein and fiber.
Weight: 2kg

Composition: alfalfa extracted, wheat, oats, wheat bran grains, carob, sunflower seed meal, wheat gluten feed, beet pulp, rapeseed meal, alfalfa dried (3%), malt sprouts, sorghum, pea flakes, carrots dried, beet molasses, spelt hulls, maize, peas, sunflower seed, wheat puffed, maize puffed, maize flakes, sunflower seed hulls, sunflower oil, calcium carbonate, salt, beetroot, lysine, turmeric.
Our promise : We guarantee a 110% CO² offset by investing in local projects that stimulate biodiversity and capture CO² from the atmosphere.
100% recyclable packaging in PP (polypropylene) that is multifunctional after recycling. You can find this material in flower pots, garden furniture, crisp packets, car parts, speakers and more.
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